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Started in 3 June 1983 in the memory of 11 workers who were killed by police on 2-3 June of 1977, Shaheed Hospital is unique in India that for the first time workers built their own hospital for working class’ health! Workers provided voluntary labour and their money to build a hospital starting with 15 beds. The hospital was run by Chhattisgarh Mines Sramik Sangh (CMSS) with active participation of the workers. From the very beginning the hospital  decided not to take any funds ,so that they have their autonomy for not being dictated by the funding agencies. A policy which is still being followed. It is now run by a trust where majority of the trustees are from CMSS and an elected Executive Committee manages the day-to-day working of the hospital.

Today this hospital has 150 beds with  four modern operation theatres , an upgraded diagnostic lab, digital X-Ray and ultrasonography facilities.

Due to lack of maternal and child health care in the community , and death of comrade kusum bai in 1978 due to pregnancy related complication. The hospital started a MCH programmes operated my health workers and nurses. Currently the hospital has a separate maternal and child health care wing , dedicated to kusum bai consisting of 70 in-patient beds, 1 operation theatre complex including 3 labour room, neonatal resuscitation room proving round the clock emergency and elective Obs care and conducts over 300 deliveries per month. It provides in patient services for General medicine , surgery , paediatric and neonatal careened  also provides primary psychiatric care which is integrated with the general services and in-patient facilities for alcohol dependants, attempted suicides. The OPD is run from Wednesdays to Mondays from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm with an average of 250-300 patients per day. OPD also runs a Pharmacy dispensing medicines at a low cost and also has a Physiotherapy and rehabilitation unit. 

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