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Out Patient clinic

The hospital runs a low cost OPD 6 days a week ( Wednesday to Monday) and receives about 200-250 patients every day, travelling from the villages of a radius of more than 150kms. The hospital has a separate ANC clinic  and specialised clinics for Diabetes, Psychiatry  Cardiology, Nephrology , ENT , Orthopaedics. 

In Patient Department

Started with 10 beds in 1983, the hospital currently has 150 beds, providing inpatient services for Medicine, Surgery , Obs and Gyn, Paediatrics , Neonatal care,  Emergency Medicine , Tuberculosis . 

Maternal and Child Healthcare

Due to lack of maternal and child health care in the community , and death of comrade kusum bai in 1978 due to pregnancy related complication. The hospital started a MCH programmes operated my health workers and nurses. Currently the hospital has a separate maternal and child health care wing , dedicated to kusum bai consisting of 70 in-patient beds, 1 operation theatre complex including 3 labour room, neonatal resuscitation room proving round the clock emergency and elective Obs care and conducts over 300 deliveries per month. 


The hospital currently has four well quipped operation theatres complex and  provides low cost affordable surgical facilities.

 Around 6000 major and minor procedures are every year including  Emergency surgery , General surgery, Obstetrics and gynaecological surgery , orthopaedics,  urology,  paediatric and onco-surgery. 

Blood Bank

Started in 2021 , the hospital started a blood bank and provides blood  to near by hospitals and health centres. 

Pharmacy and Laboratory

The hospital runs a low cost pharmacy and 24x7 laboratory , provides essential low cost, generic medicine  and promotes rational prescription . 

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy 

With the increase in incidence of Non communicable disease in the community , like diabetes , hypertension and its complications like diabetic foot, stroke. Founded in 2003 , by the name 'Baishaki ' ,run by trained heath care workers,  and  provides rehabilitation and physiotherapy  to patients compromising of stroke, chronic pain, cerebral palsy, etc. 

Dental clinic

The hospital has a separate dental opd provides low cost  services including root canal treatment , scaling , complete/ partial denture and crowning . 

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