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मेहनतकशों के स्वास्थय के लिये, 

मेहनतकशों का अपना कार्यक्रम


About Us

Built in 1983, by the workers for the workers 'Mehnatkashon ke swasthya ke liye, mehnatkashon ka apna karyakram'. It emerged out from the struggles of the mine workers of Dalli Rajhara led by legendary leader Shankar Guha Niyogi. This hospital formed the nucleus of the broader health movement catering to not just the mine workers but to other villages nearby

Ways we help

The hospital has been providing low cost, rational  primary and secondary health care facilities to the marginalised population of a radius more than 150km for the last three decades.It has been reaching out to nearby villages through community health clinics , education  and health worker training programmes.


The story of the  Shahid (Martyrs) Hospital in the mining township of Dalli-Rajhara, Chattisgarh, built and run by the labour of its people. Screened at festivals in Chennai, Gorakhpur, Kolkata, Madurai and Thrissur. Directed by Ajay T. G. | 2014 Producer and Commissioning Editor: Rajiv Mehrotra | Ajay T. G. is an independent filmmaker who has worked as Producer, Director, Cameraperson and Editor on over twenty documentaries, including Andhere Se Pehele, Peheli Aavaaz and Living Memory, which have been screened variously. He is a human rights activist and a researcher on projects related to industrialisation, caste and labour and agrarian change. Ajay’s photo-exhibition Potters in Chhattisgarh was hosted at Shepherd’s Bush Public Library and Hammersmith Public Library, London. Rajiv Mehrotra is the founding Managing Trustee and Commissioning Editor of PSBT - his films have won more than 300 awards worldwide, including 32 in 31 years from the President of India. His nine books are available in 50 languages and editions. He serves as the Trustee/ Secretary of the Foundation for Universal Responsibility of HH the Dalai Lama

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